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Data Sharing Insights Part 2: Controlled data sharing by the data provider

Data has become one of the most important values in seamless processes today. This is because data is the basis for important insights, documentations and corresponding decision making. Naturally, this also applies to transport and logistics processes. For this reason, transport companies as data providers understandably often react sensitively to whether, when and with whom they will be willing to share telematics and tour data from their fleet.

The increasing customers’ demand for visibility and the associated pressure to remain active as transport partners if data is not provided as desired often leaves carriers with few alternatives other than networking with open platforms, permanently sharing their telematics data and possibly losing control over their own data and networks on the way.

With the secure data sharing functionality with NIC-Place, the carrier retains full control and is therefore more likely to be willing to enable data exchange in line with demand. Our self-administrable tools are specially optimized for the individual requirements of the transport participants and cases:


Fixed subcontractors in use

The permanent release of asset data is usually selected for vehicles for which 24/7 data access is required. In this case there is a close and long-term relationship between the customer (data subscriber) and the service provider (data provider). Frequently, these are large freight forwarding companies, logistics companies or digital companies that use third-party equipment to carry out transport orders. The use of the assets is planned and dispatched independently by the customer. However, the vehicle owner retains control of his data at all times and can activate the data sharing process with a simple click in order to forward data to his customers or revoke the data sharing instantly. During the release process, all available telematics data is pushed to the customer in his NIC-Place portal. He has full access to the vehicle data and can independently view, monitor and analyse it.

Graphic: Subcontractor asset data is permanently available in customer portal


Regular transports for customers

The data sharing of assets for tours is necessary when using subcontractors whose transports are planned by the customer, but who are not permanently working for this customer. The vehicle data is only shared during an ongoing transport, a so-called tour. In advance, the service provider makes the vehicles that are in use for his known customer available digitally in the form of an asset pool. The customer initially only has access to the available license plates and can freely assign the vehicles to planned tours. Only when a tour starts will the actual data transfer also begin. The data provider is informed about the details of the transport as the data sharing is linked to entering loading (Start POI) and unloading (End POI) addresses coupled with time frames. By hovering the mouse over the name of the POI, you can see exactly where the geofence is located. This also helps to easily check whether the sharing of data during tours is really what the carrier wants.


Graphic: Subcontractor asset data is only provided in the customer portal during the tour


Fast visibility for third parties without technical hurdles

Do you want to keep your customers constantly informed about the details of the transport, but avoid frequent check-calls and a flood of e-mails? Our tour sharing via web link creates visibility for third parties by means of a simple internet link. This can be created for each tour, which makes it easy for third parties to track the transport, and the best thing about it is that  there is no technical requirement to activate this feature. Visibility made simple for all participants!


Graphic: Tour data is only shared during transport via external web link


In our last part of the info series we will deal with short-term, non-plannable data sharing tasks in the context of transport and logistics processes and how NIC-Place solves these challenges in a simple manner.



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