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Pete JendrasFounder and Managing Director,

Finally, carefree digital networking – thanks to full data control

Author: Pete Jendras, Managing Director NIC-Place


NIC-Place ensures your carefree participation in the logistics ecosystem: highly efficient networking, without the risk of uncontrolled data sharing. To protect your business.

With NIC-Place, you keep full control over your data at all times. This means that you alone decide when and with whom you share data – we guarantee seamless data protection compliance. Thanks to NIC-Place, you can easily become part of the modern logistics ecosystem while ensuring the protection and security of your company. Another benefit: The data protection ensured by NIC-Place has an extremely positive effect on your partners’ and customers’ relationship of trust with you. This is how you ensure holistic efficiency and sustainable success.


The problem: Digitalisation in logistics requires the sharing of data.

The personal partner or service provider network must necessarily be linked to the system or to the RTV platforms of customers and clients, among other things. But this is where sources of danger can exist. If the RTV provider does not take the issue of data protection seriously or can’t guarantee that only you – or, after approval, your partners – have access to and control over your data, your economic success and – in a worst-case scenario – the very existence of your company can be threatened. Prevent this!


We know and understand your worries around data protection.

We know: The reluctance to choose an RTV provider can be huge. Possible worries: “Is my data exposed anywhere?”, “Who can see my data, possibly even gain access to it?”, “Will trade secrets be compromised?”, “Is there a threat of losing customers?” Another problem: “My customers or contractors use different RTV providers – the fact that I have to deal with the issue of ‘data protection and data exchange’ correspondingly often costs me time and nerves!” The choice of your RTV provider should therefore be targeted and made carefully.


The solution: With NIC-Place you avoid any risk right from the start!

If you choose NIC-Place as your RTV partner, you will be risk-free from the very first moment.  Because we are not only highly effective in preventing you from presenting data to your market in an uncontrolled manner, but also giving you full control over the sharing of your data, protecting your network and making a decisive contribution to securing your business success in the long term.

In addition, in the future you will be optimally prepared for all data exchange requirements, because interfaces to other systems, RTV providers, etc. are already available.


Also important: With NIC-Place as your partner, you promote your image.

Remember: The integrity of your RTV provider has a significant impact on your customers’ trust in you!

If it were known that your RTV provider uses your or your customers ‘data for its own purposes – or that it was theoretically possible for it to do so – this would damage your customers’ trust in your company and damage your good reputation. So better, you decide for NIC-Place also for this reason: We know about our also ethical responsibility towards our customers.



NIC-Place offers the most secure way of data sharing & networking on the market. Our unique connectivity tool Data Control Center (DCC) allows you to participate in the connected logistics ecosystem and share all relevant information and data with any actor in your supply chain without exposing your private partner network. You retain full control of your data at all times.

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Your benefits:

Full data control
You alone have insight into and control over your data and determine with whom you share it.

Holistic data protection
NIC-Place represents reliable data protection compliance.

Sustainable image protection
Elsewhere, carriers are “abused” as data suppliers. NIC-Place, on the other hand, also consistently takes their security needs into account – which protects your good reputation.

Maximum flexibility
Our tools can be easily customized to your needs.

Maximum functionality
You have every opportunity to maintain or increase your profitability – with certainty.


This is how you benefit:

  1. Log in to the Data Control Center – You are not yet a NIC-Place customer? Register now and benefit sustainably from our innovative software solutions.
  2. Optimise your company profile: The more detailed your information, the more effectively you can network.
  3. Benefit from full data control with peace of mind: Take full advantage of your network capabilities without worrying about possible data loss.



You want to learn more about the cockpit to control your success and how it works? Read our latest blog “Logistics processes in your hands – thanks to the Data Control Center from NIC-Place”!


A detailed look at the individual functions the Data Control Center will be presented in our next blog. Stay tuned to learn everything you need to know about digital and secure networking!


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