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Advanced Asset Tracking and Secure Data Sharing for Carriers

Track and monitor your assets, control and share your data, optimize logistics processes, all in one place.

Complete Data Control and Platform Connectivity

Your data is your most valuable asset, NIC-Place makes sharing and securing it easy.


Connect and share to all Real-Time Visibility platforms directly from NIC-Place.

Eliminate the need to manage multiple softwares just to share tracking data with your clients.


Your data only goes where you want it to.

Completely control which assets, routes, and other data gets shared to each Real-Time Visibility platform.


Your private network stays private.

Share your data through NIC-Place without disclosing your private network of service providers.

How NIC-Place Helps You Optimise Logistics Processes

Automate your operation with NIC-Place and eliminate manual tracking.


  • Monitor your entire fleet and get real-time updates through the NIC-Place Tourboard.
  • Track tours and shipments with real-time accuracy and get precise ETA calculations.
For Carriers
For Carriers


  • Easily integrate NIC-Place with your current telematics equipment for the most accurate tracking of all your assets.
  • Automatic information exchange with TMS, ERP and other planning systems.


  • Easily connect with other real-time transportation visibility platforms through NIC-Place.
  • Adapt to your client’s needs quickly with guaranteed data compatibility.
For Carriers

Complete Data Transparency for You and Your Clients


Maximize the transparency and data sharing between you and your client.


Improve customer satisfaction and gain your customers trust with NIC-Place.


Integrate with your subcontractors at any level, at all times.

Try NIC-Place Light To See The Power of Visibility

Not sure how NIC-Place will change your business? Get started with NIC-Place Light for free to see the power of Visibility.


For Carriers