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High Value Transports

Monitor your most precious cargo in real-time.

High Value Transports

Precise Tracking for Security-Sensitive Transports

When your customers trust you with high-value cargo, how do you monitor it? Can you track it in real-time? Can you get status and location updates throughout the tour? Can you guarantee the arrival time of these valuable assets? With NIC-place you can.

Accurate, Automated Monitoring of Your Most Valuable Transports.

Your customer trusts you. Why should you trust
NIC-place? Here’s why:

Integrated with 300+ telematics systems

Intelligent alarm and escalation management

Advanced Tour monitoring and ETA calculation

Data Visibility and Transparency for shippers and subcontractors

See How NIC-Place Can Bring More Value To Your High Value Transports.

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High Value Transports