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Cold Chain Transportation

Lower temps. Elevated offerings

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Protect Your Customers’ Cold Chain Products

Shipping cold chain good is complex. You have to follow strict regulations and documentation policies. When it comes to food, medical supplies, and anything else on the cold chain, any mistakes can cost money, reputation, and even business licenses.

When you offer cold chain protection through real-time visibility, you protect the investment of your customers and elevate your own reputation. You become a source they can trust.

Cold Chain

High-Quality Monitoring of Temp-Controlled Transport

Your customer trusts you. Why should you trust NIC-Place?

We offer:

  • Unique features specifically for refrigerated logistics operators
  • Transport & data security for sensitive transports
  • Specialization in mapping, monitoring and analyzing temperature controlled transports
  • Comprehensive insight into every stage of the supply chain
  • Thorough documentation of temperatures & refrigeration machine data

Track Your Cold Chain Data. Share It Securely.

The cold chain demands strict monitoring. Your customers demand knowledge of what is happening to their goods. NIC-Place is the solution that offers both.

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Cold Chain