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Data Sharing

The Safest Way of Sharing and Networking

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Experience Data Sharing Without Limitations

Client relationships are built on trust. They trust you with their goods. Now, with NIC-Place, you can share real-time data with them about where their valuable products are, anywhere in Europe. End-to-end visibility that you can share and control. There’s no limitation to your visibility, or to your growth.

“With NIC-place, we have the best of both worlds — data sharing + control.”

– Rainer Link, Managing Director at Unterer Logistics

Take Control Over Your Data

Truly efficient sharing is not opening your network to everyone. It’s when you decide and control who sees data and when. It’s how you protect your customers — and yourself.


Completely Neutral

NIC-Place is a completely neutral data intermediator, ensuring the most secure handling of your data.


Full Control

The Data Control Center provides full control and visibility of your own data and your private network in the interconnected IoT world.


Your Decision

With the Data Control Center you decide whether your data is shared permanently or only during transport.

Data Sharing

Take Advantage of Demand-Oriented Expansion

When you can integrate with any system, you never have to turn down a customer. When clients trust that you can take care of their data, you never have to miss out on any business. When you can stay ahead of all regulations, you never have to worry about not meeting expectations.

What does all that mean?

  • Network with any company
  • Expand your pool of partners
  • Match technology evolutions
  • Share asset data with other systems
  • Create new business opportunities
  • Satisfy existing customer changes

Secure Your Data Through the Highest Standards

The Data Control Center enables controlled data forwarding to other RTV platforms to serve shippers requirements.

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Data Sharing