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Multimodal and Rail

Create complete transparency along the supply chain across all modes of transport – without any process disruptions.

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Multimodal and Rail

Seamless Visualisation

We have profound knowledge in the single areas – road and rail – and suitable solutions to meet your requirements for inter- and multimodal operations

  • Tours & data sharing for effective, operational use
  • Automatic train groupage for easy monitoring
  • Map view with railways
  • Route analysis based on railways
  • Functions / alarms for rail-specific use cases

Precise arrival times and secure data sharing

NIC-Place enhances your planning reliability by calculating estimated time of arrival (ETA) – more precisely by determining schedule deviations – based on network infrastructure information combined with telematics data. Secure data sharing processes between rail transport operators (RUs), ECMs, logistics companies, producers or shippers allow access to relevant data and guarantee you and all parties involved a simple transfer of information for maximum transport transparency.

Multimodal and Rail

Your Benefits


Overview of all transports thanks to real-time information on all assets


Keeping to delivery deadlines thanks to precise arrival time forecasts (ETA)


Prevention of costly delays through early notification of disruptions


Transparent and secure data exchange between all parties involved in the supply or transport chain

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Multimodal and Rail