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Data Tracking

Real-time visibility for carriers. Real business growth.

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Know What’s Happening Everywhere Along Your Supply Chain

By land. Over rail. By sea. No matter where your or your client’s goods are being shipped across the contentment, you can keep track of it. You know when things are on time, and can react to the unforeseen in real time.

“The customer- and solution-oriented cooperation has confirmed to us every day that we made the right decision with NIC-Place. Bravo!”

– Martin Hefner, IT & Marketing Manager, Access Logistic

More Accurate ETAs For You And Your Clients

Our always up-to-date ETA calculation ensures real-time processing of information. The integration with leading planning systems (TMS/ERP) enables NIC-Place to provide an automated monitoring of the entire transport and the calculation of estimated earliest possible arrival times (ETA) depending on traffic, weather and other external criteria.

Data Tracking

Gain Control Over Your Fleet and Transport Capabilities

One screen. One dashboard. One easy way to track your entire fleet. With real-time data, you can learn and react when anything goes wrong.

Simplify Supply Chain Monitoring with the NIC-Place Tourboard

Your supply chain is complex. But with simple monitoring of your transports, you can reduce delays and increase customer satisfaction.

Track the current position of your cargo

Get accurate ETAs over Road and Rail

Review transport information from 3rd parties

Receive telematics data from your transport service providers

Automate the documentation of the transport process

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Data Tracking