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Data Sharing Insights Part 3: Task-related data requests by data subscriber

The large and often varying number of customer orders, traffic situations, repair times and breakdowns often effect the availability of assets of transport companies. Everyday logistics is therefore also characterized by transports that cannot be planned 100 percent in advance. This is particularly true when it comes to the question of which asset will carry out a pending transport order. The fact that despite the most secure release process of data, some carriers only tend to give an explicit approval to specific, planned tours, shows that there are use cases for which a short-term and uncomplicated data access is necessary. In order to create the desired visibility, NIC-Place offers digital processes through which the data subscriber is able to make a targeted, order-related request for data sharing from the transport service as well as data provider prior to transport:


Flexible assignment of assets in case of transport

NIC-Place also visualizes tours being done by subcontractors. Essential for this is the assignment of the right vehicle to the respective tour. The vehicle can be assigned directly when the tour is created. In this case, the tour initiator knows which asset will be used and the subcontractor has already provided the asset for free assignment. But what happens if you do not know which asset is going to do the tour? Exactly for this case NIC-Place has created the so-called „Data Request”.

When a tour is entered in the system, a digital request is automatically sent to the subcontractor to assign the appropriate vehicle to the tour. The assignment is made by e-mail or directly in the Tourboard. Special tabs „sent data requests“ and “received data requests” show exactly where and which assets still have to be assigned, either by yourself or by the subcontractor.

Assets can be selected and registered with the according telematics system without previously being activated on NIC-Place. The compact and clear presentation helps to ensure that nothing is forgotten in the midst of the daily business. For even more flexibility, assets can be easily switched up until the start of a tour.


Graphic: Data access by assigning the appropriate license plate before tour start


Access to data without using telematics

Even short-term transports or tours carried out by assets without a telematics system can be tracked transparently. This method of data exchange is particularly useful for subcontractors on the spot market who carry out one-off transports for your company and where the telematics data is not available short term from the asset. By sending an e-mail request to a mobile phone that the driver carries with him, a link in the NIC-Place “Tourdriver” App is opened. This contains all relevant data to automatically track the tour, including loading and unloading address and the expected timeslots. After approval by the driver, the GPS data is transmitted during a tour, ending automatically upon arrival in the End POI.


Graphic: Access to GPS data via Tourdriver App


We hope we have helped you to gain a better understanding of our secure, digital data sharing processes. Please do not hesitate to contact us in case of any questions!


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