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Total Visibility for 3PLs and LSPs

Protect your customer’s goods. Protect your business.

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Safely and Securely Share Data For Your Clients

Your customers trust you with their goods. They trust that you can handle the supply chain and take care of any problems that arise. To do that, you need total visibility. You need security. You need connection.

With NIC-Place you can share vital data with your clients. You can give them real-time insight into arrival times, delays, temps, and any other issues. It’s a safe and secure way to get them the info they need.

You’re trusted by your clients. Now, you can give them even more to depend on.

“Your customers count on you to handle data security. We protect your data and exceed all European security regulations.”
For Logistics

How NIC-place Helps You Manage Your Customer Logistics

Your business demands precision and depends on reliability. NIC-Place gives you more of both, which gives you the chance to get even more business.

  • Track – End to end tracking on trucks and rails. Multimodal insight into every aspect of your supply chain
  • Share – Securely share data with your clients so they can be sure you’re taking care of their products
  • Grow – Connect with any system on one dashboard. Be compatible with all your clients.

Expand Your Potential Client Pool

With our secure data sharing solution, you can handle the needs of every kind of client — all on one dashboard. Never let data prevent you from saying “yes” to a client ever again.

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For Logistics