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Marcus BohleAccount Executive

Become part of the modern logistics ecosystem using 5 specific examples


We know that choosing a suitable RTV provider can be difficult, especially when it comes to the security of your own telematics data.

NIC-Place’s tools ensure your care-free participation in the logistics ecosystem. As a carrier, you don’t have to worry about revealing too much information about yourself when sharing.

Thanks to its unique features, you also retain full control over your data and networks. By the way: NIC-Place has been processing sensitive telematics data in absolute compliance with data protection regulations since 2009.


Here are a few examples

I. The Data Control Center (DCC): From here you control your success.

In 2018, NIC-Place established a completely new approach and standard for secure data exchange within its own network and with other RTV solutions on the market with the Data Control Center. Here, we provide our customers with user-friendly, self-administrable tools that enable the secure and on-demand exchange of data – with maximum control, regardless of whether a transport is scheduled by the customer or by a client.The result: target-oriented transparency and at the same time individually secured data control for all participants along the supply chain.


II. Data sharing in “Asset Sharing” (in DCC): maximum flexibility, maximum security.

If you select the option “Permanent”, asset data will be shared 24/7 – as long as the release exists. This permanent data view is especially beneficial for companies with a fixed subcontractor asset pool, which is scheduled by the customer.

If you select the “For tours” option, asset data will only be shared during an ongoing transport, a so-called “tour”.

This data release option is useful when using recurring subcontractors whose shipments are scheduled by the client. The data release is linked to the entry of loading and unloading addresses in a certain time frame – corresponding to the consideration on FTL level (“Full Truck Load”).


III. The “System Exchange” function in the DCC: full connectivity for sure.

Using System Exchange, you can manage external data forwarding to other systems and RTV platforms, such as p44, Shippeo, FourKites, LogisticsCloud, Sixfold.


Your benefits:

  • Open, barrier-free data exchange between different solutions
  • Whether you are a carrier, forwarder or logistician: you have a central tool for data and information exchange
  • You alone determine what information is included (at LTL or FTL level) – the protection of your data is guaranteed at all times


IV. How DCC enabled chains are considered in the Tourboard:

During a transport, data is shared from subcontractor A to logistician B.

However, since logistician B performs the transport on behalf of customer C, he must share the data again. The benefit thanks to NIC-Place: Every participant only sees the data that is personally relevant to him! Everything else remains
“invisible” for him! In this example, only transport participants A and B or B and C “see” each other. For customer C, subcontractor A does not appear, he remains anonymous – data relevant for C appears as shared with him by
logistician B.

These release chains can easily extend over several stages – in each case, only the direct partner before or after is
visible. This innovative procedure protects the widely branched networks within logistics. In other words, since building such networks is the core business of any transport company, we reliably ensure that a customer C does not even get to know subcontractor A and can place orders without logistics provider B the next time. NIC-Place protects your data and thus secures your profit – sustainably.


V. Tour segments in the Tourboard: for visualisation at shipment level (LTL).

The definition of individual tour sections within a transport allows the targeted assignment of alarms or data release for both different clients and for platforms used by them, such as p44, Shippeo, FourKites or Sixfold.

This enables visualisation or viewing at shipment level (LTL)! Data is therefore not provided “across the board” or permanently for several RTV providers. Important tour information, such as loading POI / names of other customers, is also not made public.



NIC-Place has been providing the most secure way of data sharing & networking on the market for more than 12 years. Our unique connectivity tool Data Control Center (DCC) allows you to participate in the connected logistics ecosystem and share all relevant information and data with any actor in your supply chain without exposing your private partner network. You retain full control of your data at all times.


You need more information? Feel free to contact us!


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