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Fleet and Transports

NIC-Place provides comprehensive monitoring and useful insights into your fleet and transports for your everyday logistic tasks. Our secure logistics tools deliver full visibility and monitoring of the supply chain, for Carriers, 3PLs, and Shippers.

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Fleet and Transport

Monitor Your Entire Fleet and Transports All in One Place

Get real-time transport updates, full fleet visibility, and track with confidence through the NIC-Place Tourboard.

  • Track the current position and status of your cargo
  • Predictive ETA for Road and Rail
  • Access to telematics data from your transport service providers
  • Quick and easy monitoring of your transports
  • Flexible access to transport information for 3rd parties
  • Automated documentation of the transport process

Get Accurate, Real-Time ETA Calculations for Your Transports

NIC-Place integrates with leading planning systems (TMS/ERP) to provide automated monitoring of the entire transport. NIC-Place uses this data and other factors including weather, traffic patterns, and other external signals to calculate and share the earliest possible ETA for your transports.

With NIC-Place’s accurate ETAs you can improve your customer satisfaction, enhance your transport process, and better manage your fleets.

Fleet and Transport

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Fleet and Transport