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Temperature Tracking

Protect Your Cold Chain Goods and Fulfill All Regulations.

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Temperature monitoring in real-time

With tight regulations, strict customer demands, and a commitment to quality, your customers demand rigorous temperature control at every stage of the supply chain. That means you need to have real-time visibility into temperature no matter where your fleet is.

Temperature-controlled transports have high quality requirements and need trustworthy partnerships and suitable tools. Now you can provide it.

Temperature Tracking

Support your clients and support your business

Information is currency in your business. With NIC-Place temperature tracking, you will receive the vital information you need, and distribute that information to clients who need it.

Sensor data helps you see temperatures at all parts of your fleet, with granular, section-by-section data.

Comprehensive monitoring and provides you with useful insights for your everyday logistic tasks.

Demonstrate to your clients that they are meeting their regulations and you are protecting their business.

Cover the Complexity Of Temperature-Controlled Transports

Your daily operational routine is unique, your temp control system should be as well. NIC-Place integrates with different systems across the entire supply chain, so you can control it all from one dashboard.

We handle the technical integration and unification of ALL data types from multiple telematics systems across different manufacturers and transport modes.

NIC-Place is the place to be for companies with the highest quality standards.

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Temperature Tracking

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Temperature Tracking