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The monitoring service provider tcs* (thermo control services GmbH), in collaboration with the logistics solution NIC-Place , introduces a new service for the on-the-spot activation of transport monitoring for Tourboard customers.


Kempten, February 25th 2021 – Since 2011, NIC-Place  and the transport control specialist tcs* (thermo control services Gmbh) have been working together to provide a professional monitoring service of sensitive transports for mutual customers. The NIC-Place  logistics software provides the technological basis for tracking temperatures, setpoints, door openings or routes driven, etc. using telematics data and monitoring them with the help of comprehensive alarm and escalation management (electronic signal monitoring). Deviations from the target are verified directly by tcs* employees or, in the case of defined alarm profiles, escalated automatically from the logistics solution to tcs* in order to react quickly 24/7, take countermeasures if necessary and prevent damage or theft of the cargo. “By expanding our long-term partnership, we are creating modern solutions that support our customers in their everyday operations with NIC-Place  according to their needs and optimise handling through simplified all-in-one processes,” explains Pete Jendras, Managing Director of NIC-Place , about the collaboration.


With the introduction of the NIC-Place  Tourboard 2018, both the handling of monitoring has been significantly optimised and new possibilities for ad-hoc or short-term monitoring of transports by the service provider tcs* have been created. The Tourboard enables order-related display of telematics data, taking planning data into account when visualising the transports. If the customer forwards a planned tour to tcs* by means of the “tour sharing” feature, the service provider automatically has all the necessary information – the start and end POI of the shipment, the desired route and the necessary transport temperatures of the loaded goods – in order to ensure professional monitoring and documentation in the case of deviations from the standard process during the transport. The service can be booked at any time without pre-notice (ad-hoc), allowing customers to benefit from maximum flexibility. Complicated communication channels and the associated lead times between the customer, tcs* and NIC-Place , or the prior approval and allocation of vehicles, are eliminated.


“By using the Tourboard – both by the customer and by ourselves – we can offer ad-hoc, short-term monitoring in addition to our standard service contracts for transport protection, for example in the event of illness affecting responsible employees in the company,” Stefan Ehrnstraßer, Managing Director of tcs*, elaborates on the new added value. In real time, newly shared tours are highlighted in the tcs* Tourboard to accept the order immediately and ensure the safety of the transport. “This monitoring is particularly interesting for sensitive cargo or at inconvenient times: At night, on weekends or holidays, on-call times at the carrier side can be eliminated and employees can be reliably relieved,” explains Ehrnstraßer about the new ad-hoc monitoring service.


Of course, the monitoring service provider tcs* still offers its traditional range of services for permanent fleet and transport monitoring. These services are now supplemented by flexible and ad-hoc support in exceptional or emergency situations for NIC-Place  Tourbourd users. To activate the service, Tourboard users send a one-time e-mail to or contact support@NIC-Place .com directly in case of technical queries.


About tcs*

tcs* (thermo control services GmbH) is an innovative, experienced and highly qualified team of security experts in the field of transport control of high-value, sensitive or perishable goods. The service provider offers worldwide comprehensive monitoring of all electronic signals occurring during transport as well as professional alarm management including verification, e.g. for monitoring of reefer, door status, geofences, as well as temperatures or panic button.

tcs* convinces with years of expertise in monitoring, intervention management and protective measures for transport logistics. For ad-hoc necessary intervention actions, the transport protection service provider has a network of security partners for the guarding of the loaded goods and experts for the repair of reefer units at the respective location. This allows tcs* to effectively secure your transported cargo from theft and protect the goods from perishing.

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