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Unitax-Pharmalogistik achieves central management of all temperature data through smart use of the NIC-Place solution

For more than 30 years, Unitax-Pharmalogistik GmbH has been one of the leading German service companies for the pharmaceutical industry.

Founded in 1991 by André Reich, Unitax reliably realizes the entire value chain for manufacturers and wholesalers of pharmaceuticals and medical products. The range of services includes temperature-controlled transports, storage in defined climatic areas and specially secured storage of narcotics. As a contract manufacturer, the company also
provides services such as packaging, folding, printing, sealing, and the serialization of prescription medicines in
accordance with EU regulations.

The owner-managed family business is located in Berlin-Schönefeld and currently employs 150 people there and at the Berlin-Adlershof and Großbeeren sites.

Customers are mainly distributors and manufacturers of the pharmaceutical industry from Germany and Europe.

Picture 1: The truck plant of UNITAX


Meet the requirements

Unitax wanted to be able to combine all telematics data in one platform in order to display processes simply and clearly and to obtain an overview of the fleet. The first step was therefore to try to receive everything – hardware and software – from one supplier. However, since the company was already using various well-known logistics hardware systems, it quickly became clear that concentrating on just one brand was not feasible. In addition, there were different wishes and preferences on the customer side as well as already existing software customisations. In addition, the
company didn’t want to be dependent on a single provider.

Thus, the requirement arose to connect and standardize all telematics systems and data in one application.

This was the decisive point at which Unitax decided in favor of NIC GmbH. The software NIC-Place offers the possibility to unite different telematics providers in one system, independent of the hardware.


All expectations met thanks to smart rollout

After the final decision in favor of NIC-Place in 2018, the introduction of the software for Unitax turned out to be uncomplicated. Above all, the induction took place very quickly. Thanks to the online based solution, everything was integrated into the network in four to six days.

The company only had the task of picking out all the data from the boxes; NIC realized the rest. Unitax was therefore able to start immediately.


“I don’t remember the rollout, which speaks to a charming, smart implementation.”
– Steven Reinhold, Managing Director UNITAX-Pharmalogistik.


Today, NIC-Place simplifies daily workflows at Unitax. The software provides the service company with digital processes such as evaluations, alarms, route tracking, individual dashboards and exports of Excel and PDF reports. In addition, NIC-Place provides Unitax with a central tool for dispatchers and fleet employees – streamlining internal processes.

The biggest improvement the company has seen since implementation has primarily been better visibility of shipments, centralized management of all temperature data in one system, and easier connection to customer systems for live tracking.

Overall, NIC-Place meets all the expectations of the family-owned company and ensures satisfied users.


“The service is flawless, our contact person is always there to support us when needed.”
– Martin Urban, Head of Transport, UNITAX-Pharmalogistik.


Unitax-Pharmalogistik also plans to pursue further plans with NIC-Place in the future, including automated temperature logging at tour or shipment level and the connection of another TMS system.

Picture 2 Software NIC-Place in use


Many of your business colleagues are already using NIC-Place – what are you waiting for?

You too can benefit from 12 years of experience in the transport and logistics industry.


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