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Anca-Gabriela Jianu

For food logistics, the most important factor is that quality is maintained during transport so that goods reach the customer in the best possible condition.

The biggest challenge when transporting temperature-sensitive foods, such as fish, meat or produce — whether fresh or frozen — is the temperature. A lower or higher temperature than specified can impact the entire shipment of transported goods.

In my experience of about four years with a large fish retailer, I often had to deal with this problem. I would say that temperature control is one of the most important aspects to maintain a trading relationship in the “healthiest” conditions.

How bad can it be, you ask? I’ve seen fresh fish arrive at the unloading point frozen or boiled. Or frozen goods that have defrosted during transport. And this is just the beginning of the series of problems.

When these problems arise, the customer is very displeased — understandably so, because the quality of the goods has been compromised. In the best case, they demand a price reduction to replace the spoiled goods. In the worst case, they reject the goods completely and you are left with the unusable goods and the damage incurred.

Unfortunately, the loss may be greater than you think. If this situation happens frequently, you will not only lose goods, but also customers, creating significant risk for your business.

Real-time visibility and temperature control during transport are the most important elements to ensure that food transport is carried out in optimal conditions. The retailer, the forwarder and the customer are dependent on each other. Therefore, it is very important to make the best decisions to provide quality output and service.



Here at NIC-place, we support and promote companies that work with perishable goods and therefore need to ensure that their goods are transported in the best conditions and maintain an appropriate temperature. Losing goods, customers and compromising your business can be avoided — but companies must take action now.

Solutions like NIC-Place can help. The software empowers you to see the truck in real time – whether it is your own fleet or your subcontractors – and, at the same time, helps you keep an eye on the temperature in the trailer. In the event of a fault or temperature deviations, you will be notified and can react in time to avoid loss of goods.

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