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Access Logistic GmbH enthusiastic about the intelligent onboarding concept

NIC-Place’s unique software solutions significantly facilitate the work of their logistics company and increase customer satisfaction.

Access Logistic GmbH is a logistics company founded in 2019 and located in Kramsach, Austria. Since 2020, there is another branch in Romania. Therefore, Access Logistic Group has its own fleet of vehicles since 2022. The company organises national and international transports and offers guaranteed freight space all year round.

Started with five employees, Access Logistic has already established an excellent reputation with meanwhile 18 lion members and counts several world market leaders among its customers. Among them are mainly manufacturers from Germany, Switzerland and Spain.


Access Logistic has been working with a transport management system from the very beginning, which is used purely for planning tours and scheduling. Since June 2021, the company has also been using NIC-Place’s unique software solutions to monitor critical tours besides just GPS data.

Especially at the start of Access Logistic, the company had many different year-round contract partners with correspondingly diverse GPS systems and portals. The main consequence of this was that, as a dispatcher, the overview of the assets was quickly lost. Access Logistic’s customers also showed a great interest in being able to name the current position of their assets – without having to click through all the different systems. Manufacturers in particular have a need to be able to tell their customers where their goods or assets are at any given time. Should challenges or unforeseen events occur, it is possible to act accordingly in time, for example to adjust bookings variably or to reschedule tours. It was also important for Access Logistic to reduce the additional work for their customers so that their productivity is not negatively affected.

The company wanted to find a solution that would reduce the organizational time for the entire team, provide a unified GPS overview of the entire fleet, and enable live tracking for customers. NIC-Place was the product of choice, meeting all the requirements.


NIC-Place impresses at every step of the way

The reasons for the decision were diverse. Above all, the NIC-Place onboarding system with its multilingualism as well as the established connection to existing scheduling programs convinced Access Logistic right from the start. NIC-Place was able to meet all of the company’s requirements, so that other systems were discarded early in the selection process and Access Logistic went almost straight into onboarding. Since several partners came together in this process, namely NIC-Place, Access Logistic as well as the carrier and manufacturers of the existing system, good planning and preparation was crucial. Thanks to the good service and support, the setup of the software with all interfaces was set up very quickly and smoothly so that Access Logistic had already added the largest partner to the portal after two days.


“The customer- and solution-oriented cooperation has confirmed us every day that we made the right decision with NIC-Place. Bravo!”
– Martin Hefner, IT & Marketing Manager, Access Logistic


Today, NIC-Place provides Access Logistic with a huge reduction in workload and more satisfied customers. The alarm management functions as well as the high transparency of the GPS overview of NIC-Place enable a shorter response time in case of problems of critical tours.

Since NIC-Place is 100% compatible with the existing freight forwarding software, various processes, such as customer queries, have become obsolete. When creating an order, only one mouse click is all it takes to transfer the complete order to NIC-Place and then share it with Access Logistic’s customers as required.


“NIC-Place will of course also be the central focus in our new branches and subsidiaries in combination with our scheduling software in order to be able to further establish ourselves as a competence leader in the market.” – Andreas Schram, CEO Access Logistic


For the new business year in the first quarter of 2022, the opening of ACCESS LOGISTIC Germany as well as a branch near Freiburg im Breisgau/Basel is planned. Furthermore, the lion family wants to multiply and is always looking for motivated employees.

Initial arrangements have also already been made for a branch in Spain in 2023.


Graphic 1 The Access Logistic lion family


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