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NIC-Place – keeps data in a safe place! Reliable and GDPR compliant.

NIC-Place presented its product in top shape for the key date 25th May, 2018, the significant day, when the new European data protection regulation GDPR comes into effect.

NIC-Place’s data specialists see the new regulations as necessary standard for all companies who are involved in collecting, processing, and analysing big data volume from various sources. The NIC-Place dashboard, which bundles data from different service providers and asset types, is dependent on high level security measures to avoid any potential security risks and ruptures in the supply chain processes. The GDPR accommodates the company’s philosophy, that all sources which are part of data processing are being obliged in meeting the same standard, respectively being conform with the new GDPR legislation.

Trying to always stay ahead of the game, NIC-Place has already fulfilled the strict regulations of the German Federal Data Regulations (BDSG) for years, a standard reference which came into effect April 27, 2017, and served as the template for the new European data protection regulations.

Users, as part of the supply chain in transportation and logistics, can count on NIC-Place as a fully GDPR compliant data solution, protecting all processed and used data. Carefree data solutions for our customers and business partner: NIC-Place, your data in a safe place!

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