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The new Data Control Center (DCC) tool from NIC-Place  provides a secure and completely new way of sharing data in the transport and logistics industry. With the DCC, companies can digitally control data sharing processes without disclosing their own network of subcontractors.


Kempten, Germany, May 6th, 2020: Due to the increasing amount of digitalisation in transport processes, transport and logistics service providers are increasingly being urged to share data which may lead to disclosure of their network of subcontractors. Companies like Unterer Logistics want to prevent this. “We care strongly about our carrier network and it is important for us that others do not have uncontrolled access to our subcontractors,” says Rainer Linke, Managing Director at Unterer Logistics.

To address these fears, NIC-Place  – provider of visibility solutions with strong expertise in temperature and high value – has developed the Data Control Center (DCC). It is an innovative application that empowers companies to reach the full potential of a connected ecosystem in logistics without disclosing all data. “We are very pleased with this new approach to data sharing that NIC-Place is bringing to the market. It gives us the best of both worlds: data sharing and control,” emphasises Linke.

Using the DCC, companies participate in the digital transport process and control access to their own networks and assets. Thus, data is only shared when it is really necessary. The transport service provider retains its data sovereignty. Within your own environment, the DCC makes it easy to invite subcontractors and share data directly without others being able to identify them on open platforms. Depending on the customer’s definition, the current position, estimated arrival times and other essential telematics data are shared to other participants in the digital supply chain. A tour number can be used to identify the transport.

Data sharing and the private network of subcontractors can be administered independently at any time which reduces the risk of losing control over the network and the business. ”The Data Control Center is the answer to the scepticisme of many players in the transport and logistics business. They are scared of displaying their network on open platforms and of the trend where a few – VC funded – platforms are getting bigger and bigger,“  says Pete Jendras, General Manager at NIC-Place . “We see ourselves as IoT enablers. Helping companies to take part in the growing and expanding digitalisation of the industry, but with full control of their own business.”

Major players in the market have already warmly welcomed the DCC. They are not in favour of the social platform idea that is behind the transportation visibility platforms on the market today and would like to control their own network in a closed and secure system.

Buyers of the DCC have the possibility to choose between different set-ups. Either NIC-Place  takes care of hosting within a closed and secure system. Or customers host the Data Control Center themselves and integrate it into their own IT system.

The DCC is part of the current product portfolio of NIC-Place . NIC-Place  provides similar to others in the market a complete overview of all transports and a unified telematics data stream that easily integrates in business processes and 3rd party systems. Specialties from NIC-Place  are the deep know-how and knowledge about temperature-controlled transports, high value transports, and rail logistics.

Graphic: The DCC enables you to run your business in the fragmented and increasingly digitalised logistics industry. It provides all the tools you need for sharing, exchanging and controlling the data flow within your own supply chain.


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