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The new features in the Data Control Center (DCC) make it easier for refrigerated logistics providers already operating on NIC-Place to cooperate in a way that complies with data protection requirements. All digitally created partner networks remain private as before and can’t be viewed by unauthorised customers and shippers.

Kempten, June 23nd, 2020: Since 2009, the logistics solution NIC-Place from the Allgäu region of Germany has been offering software solutions for the transport and logistics industry that are holistically aligned with the requirements for visibility in temperature-controlled transport. With NIC-Place, Europe’s refrigerated logistics operators will find the only specialised logistics solution for real-time visibility in temperature-controlled transport on the market, enabling them to become part of the logistics ecosystem in an uncomplicated and secure manner while maintaining full control over their important partner network. “During various customer projects, we have noticed that NIC-Place ultimately unites all known temperature controlled transport companies who require high-quality data access and exchange, especially for temperature information, at all times,” confirms Pete Jendras, Managing Director of NIC-Place.


Company profile and search

In recent years, NIC-Place has established itself as the market leader in the area of temperature-controlled and high value transports and has been able to acquire a broad range of specialised customers with homogeneous quality requirements in Europe. Recently, users of the platform can expand their own well-known partner network on a demand-oriented basis with suitable companies from the food or pharmaceutical industry, who also operate on NIC-Place.

The company profile, which is specially optimised for temperature requirements, serves as a basis for the individual presentation of the user’s own company and range of services. Only with the user’s active permission is the profile taken into account in the NIC-Place search for potential partners from other regions in line with data protection requirements. Whether for operational logistics or even for emergency situations. “The establishment and expansion of our own reliable network forms the long-term success factor of our customers. Finding suitable entrepreneurs quickly who can handle similar quality requirements and logistics processes creates enormous competitive advantages,” explains Jendras.

To this end, the search filters all listed companies according to the parameters selected by the user and displays them as results in order to quickly identify problem solutions as well as new cooperation opportunities. The more precisely the companies specify their offerings, the more detailed the search becomes.


 Graphic 1: Search of partners by means of selected parameters


Connecting the companies for data exchange

Since NIC-Place already connects Europe’s largest cluster of refrigerated logistics providers, the search and direct digital networking of companies via the platform are the logical further developments for optimising users’ operational business processes.

If a suitable partner is identified from the mass of refrigerated logistics companies already operating on NIC-Place through the search, the user can send a cooperation request directly with a click in order to exchange transport orders and data as quickly as possible. This can originate from the shipper side as well as between the carriers, forwarders or logisticians themselves. As before, the closed partner network is not disclosed to other transport participants during standardised data exchange with NIC-Place. “With the new functions, we are supporting the specialised refrigerated logistics industry in cooperating digitally, but at the same time protecting the security of each individual’s valuable networks at all times,” emphasises Jendras.

Graphic 2: Direct technical networking to enable data exchange


About NIC-Place

NIC-Place is the “place to be” within the transport and logistics industry and has been providing software solutions to in full alignment with today’s transportation visibility requirements since 2009. With the Data Control Center, NIC-Place established a new approach to data sharing and standard for secure data sharing with other real-time visibility solutions in the market. It’s enabling companies to take part in the interconnected logistics ecosystem while still keeping control of their closed carrier and partner network.

NIC-Place is the market-leader in temperature controlled and high value transports as well as in rail logistics and has a deep and solid telematic knowledge. The platform connects the largest European cluster of refrigerated logistics companies as well as players with high qualified standards to collaborate digitally and share data in maximum depth.

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