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Quality control and safety in temperature-controlled transports

German court decision: carriers liable for damage to goods resulting from improper transportation

Especially with temperature-sensitive goods, such as food or even pharmaceuticals, it is of crucial importance to maintain the necessary temperature during the entire transport. Any temperature damage caused by improper cooling during transport can have major consequences for the carrier. As a recent German court ruling shows, the carrier is liable for the damage caused.

Reduce your risk and use intelligent logistics software for this reason, which ensures the safety and quality control of the transports. With NIC-Place you can track, monitor and provide final documentation of your shipments seamlessly and in real time – including the exact position, the time of arrival (ETA) and the most important temperature data.

NIC-Place has already fully integrated all common telematics providers for refrigerated logistics. This means you can easily access extensive telematics data, especially with regard to temperatures. No matter what hardware is installed. The maximum available database creates ideal conditions for optimizing your transports and fleet.

With the help of detailed escalation and alarm management, you are always on the safe side. Create alarm profiles and be notified immediately of any irregularities, such as temperature deviations from the setpoint or error codes from the reefer. This enables you to intervene without delay and take action before temperature damage even occurs.

Even more flexible: Two-way communication allows you (with certain manufacturers) to make adjustments to the reefer and temperature settings while the transport is in progress, without the transport needing to stop or the driver having to intervene himself. Simply with a click from your PC. You access the necessary data at any time to make decisions and take action quickly and easily.

Furthermore, NIC-Place gives you the chance to document and export the temperature profile of the transport in detail – even completely automatically. This temperature chart serves as proof of uninterrupted cooling as well as constantly correct temperature of the goods during transport.

NIC-Place offers the solution for safety and control in temperature-controlled transports – so you can be on the safe side with the highest quality standards.



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