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The open logistics platform NIC-Place enables carriers and shippers increased automation for their tour monitoring, as well as more transparency through a simple data sharing process for all transport participants and thus becomes “Your digital place to share logistics data.”


Kempten, 17.10.2018 – The logistics platform NIC-Place organises various data streams from telematics or tracking systems in a single and configurable dashboard in real time. Additionally, extensive evaluation and monitoring options, offers in the marketplace, as well as data forwarding to 3rd party systems simplify daily work and fleet management of users.

Furthermore, NIC-Place will soon offer a new tour management functionality to facilitate a better and easier exchange between transport participants. In this case, NIC-Place acts as a neutral platform for sharing and providing tour information, such as estimated time of arrival (ETA) or any deviations pertaining to temperatures or other values needing to be monitored. The carrier retains full vehicle control and creates more transparency for his customer / shipper by visualising his asset only for the duration of the customer tour.

“NIC-Place is increasingly becoming the hub for all players in the transport and logistics industry. It is only a logical consequence for us to provide users with an easy tool to share their transports during defined tours. Of course, this also includes the existing integration with leading planning systems, e.g. TMS, as well as an uncomplicated provision of all determined information to all interested parties”, explains Pete Jendras, CEO of NIC-Place.

NIC-Place will present the new range of functionality for the first time at the Deutsche Logistik-Kongress, which will take place for the 35th time in Berlin from 17th to 19th October 2018 (booth PV 31).


The tour management tool of NIC-Place can be divided into three main components, which are ideally used as an overall construct:

First off, the standardised webservice “TMS Connect” enables automated data transfer between the company’s planning system (TMS/ERP) and NIC-Place. This includes information about the starting point and destination of the tour, the transported goods and the unique identifier of the active asset. “With the fixed connection to backend systems within the company, we create all conditions for a maximum data transfer and avoid a thin presentation of telematics data, such as only position data”, says Jendras to the advantage of long-term linking with 3rd party systems.

The second component is the core of the application, the “Tourboard”. Here, users can visualise the transmitted tour information from the TMS and store these manually within the Tourboard. The defined tour serves as the basis for the actual monitoring of the transport. Depending on the user’s preference and settings, NIC-Place automatically monitors GPS, cargo security and quality as well as the ETA. Any deviations are displayed within the NIClet as well as escalated by mail to desired recipients.

Finally, within the Tourboard, the „Data-Sharing“ component for more transparency for the shipper can be activated individually. Through a simple and GDPR-compliant data sharing process, the carrier or owner of the asset can provide data to his client. The carrier always determines the duration and depth of the data release.

“The new tour management tool allows our customers an easy and secure integration of subcontractor units. Transparent transport monitoring without any channel disruption has never been easier”, summarises Jendras.

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