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NIC-Place is live!

The open logistics platform NIC-Place is going live today. The new architecture of the web-based solution will simplify daily operations for all players within the telematics and logistics sector – at an attractive price. NIC-Place can be used regardless of existing contracts.

Kempten, Germany, February 05, 2018 – NIC GmbH and software expert kasasi are proud to announce the joint roll out of NIC place. The innovative fleet management tool is both a relaunch as well as an addition to the well established telematics integration platform NIC-base. “By implementing a modular structure and utilising the latest technologies, NIC-Place will be even more transparent, customisable and ready for the future”, explains Pete Jendras, managing director of NIC.

With this move, data integration of telematics data by various manufacturers – which has been a NIC unique selling point – becomes a general standard for the entire solution. The web-based portal focuses on matching collected data with intelligent analysis and recommendations for actions as well as services. “Our customers need telematics data at various parts of their daily operations. Up to now, telematics data was not available across the entire supply chain. NIC-Place will offer all industrial players exactly this possibility – by logging in to just one application”, Jendras adds.


The user takes center stage

NIC-Place is completely customisable; users will find personalised product suggestions, industry news and short tutorials with valuable tips for maximising the use of the solution and its feature. Additionally, a customisable user interface allows the user to set up customized screens visualizing logistics processes needed for the daily business. Naturally, NIC-Place offers the technical infrastructure to link with third party systems up- and downstream the supply chain, in order to allow for a holistic integration of a company and simplified workflow.

In an initial test phase, NIC-Place has been validated by selected customers. “Feedback regarding the concept, the detailed display of features as well as the overall use in daily operations have been very promising; it hinted to the fact that NIC-Place is predestined to change the logistics industry for good”, Jendras stresses.


The best solution for every customer

Registered customers can choose from two different service packages – and may thus benefit early from this innovative concept in fleet management. The `light’ option is designed for customers who require a trimmed-down version with high-quality features; The ‘extended’ option addresses customers requiring an intensive use of the platform. Both options can be terminated at a month’s notice. Attractive pricing allows customers to use both NIC-Place as well as their current telematics portal parallel to another without needing to renegotiate existing contracts. “The launch of NIC-Place will pave the way for us into a new era. Certainly, the application is still in an early phase. But during the weeks and months ahead, we will noticeably enhance NIC-Place by continuously adding new features. At this point of time, we already have a pretty clear vision of where this application will take us”, says Jendras.

During the second quarter of this year, the marketplace module will complete the overall concept of NIC-Place. It will incorporate additional features from partners. With the aim to incorporate all players – from truck to trailer – as well as cargo and components in NIC-Place; as a result, NIC is able to offer customised services and products for the entire logistics process for each individual user. “We are currently already working on new features. In the future, it will be possible to book individual modules online in our marketplace; we are also planning a subscription option”, Jendras describes the future course.

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