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360° Data perspective: NIC-Place presents the integrated logistics approach for carriers and shippers at the transport logistic trade fair 2019

4th to 7th June 2019 (Hall A3, Booth 125)

Thanks to the 360° data perspective of the open logistics platform NIC-Place, both carriers and shippers benefit from comprehensive monitoring and analysis features for their transports on the basis of telematics data. Intelligent matching functionalities will enable all users to have new, trusting business relationships in the future, such as for available cargo and asset capacities.


Kempten, 2nd May 2019 – At the transport logistic 2019 event in Munich, NIC-Place will present the integrated approach of an open platform that satisfies both the needs of carrier and shipper. As a digital and neutral broker between provider and customer, NIC-Place manages the exchange of telematics data as well as tour information between involved transport participants to provide maximum transparency during the transports for all. “NIC-Place has been handling big and heterogeneous data volumes with the maximum data depth for 10 years now. For us, sharing of this data for all relevant participants during logistic processes is the only logical consequence”, explains NIC-Place CEO Pete Jendras.

Tourboard for visualisation

The Tourboard by NIC-Place displays planned, running and completed transports, so-called tours, within a modern user interface. For this purpose, asset-related data is combined with planning data. These are, for example, automatically transferred via the interface from the Transport Management System (TMS) to NIC-Place. Knowing the loading and unloading location as well as optional stopovers, routes to be followed, goods loaded and scheduled departure and arrival times will allow for precise tracking and monitoring of the transport unit in real time, whether it be your own equipment or subcontractor assets.

High Quality Monitoring

The tours in the Tourboard by NIC-Place can also be easily linked with alarm profiles that trigger monitoring of the tours based on defined parameters. The escalation management ensures that the alarms, deviations from the expected and any error messages are sent to the desired recipients during the entire transport and highlighted in the Tourboard. The monitoring as well as the ETA calculation starts automatically when the asset exits the loading zone and ends with the begin of the unloading in the destination zone.

Data Visibility for all participants in the transport process

The sophisticated Data Visibility process between the transport participants creates transparency on all sides and integrates subcontractors at any time. Thus, for example, the carrier is able to share telematics data of individual assets with the help of the Tourboard (Data Sharing) and still remains in full control of his data. Apart from that, the shipper can request access to relevant asset data from his subcontractor with one click (Data Request).

Smart matching

In the future, NIC-Place will link existing information in order to achieve synergies, to increase the effectiveness of the entire transport and logistics industry as well as to counter current topics, such as driver shortage or traffic peaks. “Well-known industry players already use NIC-Place and have their individual advantages. With NIC-Place, we want to offer an easy method to bring their needs together with the aim to generate increased efficiency and new potential in the future”, Jendras describes the targeted strategy of the logistics platform.

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