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Supply Chain Visibility solutions with temperature and rail expertise

NIC-place connects the fragmented transport and logistics industry. We offer both carriers, 3PLs, 4PLs and shippers secure logistics tools for delivering full visibility and monitoring of the supply chain, combined with ETA calculations. We are specialists and market-leaders in monitoring temperature controlled and high value transports and understand the specific requirements of rail logistics.

NIC-place interface with unique handling concept

The global login provides you access at anytime and anywhere to your Home area, to your individual telematics Dashboard as well as to the DCC of NIC-place.

Logistics and Supply Chain Management with NIC-place

You can find helpful tips & tricks, latest news concerning NIC-place and the transport market as well as personalized product offers within the Home area. 


You can customize your Dashboard to your individual needs by inserting previously booked features, so-called NIClets, via drag&drop.


Subsegment your Dashboard with the help of so-called Workspaces into individual areas depending on topic or job.


Each NIClet and each area provides you with special features - from a pure fleet overview in real-time to precise analyses and controlled administration.

Tracking and monitoring of the transport ETA
Tracking and monitoring of the transport ETA
Tracking & Monitoring

Our Tourboard keeps you up-to-date

  • Current position of your cargo, including ETA for Road and Rail

  • Access to telematics data from your transport service providers

  • Simple monitoring of your transports

  • Flexible access to transport information for 3rd parties

  • Automated documentation of the transport process

Integration – more than just GPS data

NIC-place enables comprehensive monitoring and provides you with useful insights for your everyday logistic tasks.

We handle the technical integration and unification of ALL data types from multiple telematics systems across different manufacturers and transport modes. Of course, in real time – to support your operations in the best possible way.

The safest way of
Sharing & Networking

Enjoy all the benefits of sharing data while at the same time keeping control of your own network. The Data Control Center (DCC) enables you to take part in the connected logistics ecosystem and share all relevant information and data with any player in your supply chain without disclosing your private partner network. It is a unique connectivity tool where you can easily handle all your data sharing tasks and remain in full control.

Just one Interface

Only ONE administration interface is needed to control all data sharing tasks in your company.

Completely neutral

NIC-place is a completely neutral data intermediator ensuring the most secure handling of your data.

Full Control

The Data Control Center provides full control and visibility of your own data and your private network in the interconnected IoT world.

Your decision

With the Data Control Center you decide whether your data is shared permanently or only during transport.

Demand-oriented expansion

You can search and network specifically with companies having the same quality requirements.

Secure connection to RTV providers

The Data Control Center enables controlled data forwarding to other RTV platforms to serve shippers requirements.

Multimodal data and partner management

We understand Road, we understand Rail and our vision is the seamless visualization of intermodal transport chains to create complete transparency along the supply chain across all modes of transport – without any process disruptions. We have profound knowledge in the single areas and suitable solutions to meet your requirements for inter- and multimodal operations.


Learn more about our solutions for rail

Learn more about our solutions for the road

"We stand for Pharma logistics at the highest level. The visibility and temperature monitoring from NIC-place has the quality and reliability we were looking for."

Martin Krasinski, CEO at Frigotrans

"We care strongly about our carrier network and it is important for us that others do not have uncontrolled access to our network. Therefore, we are very pleased with this new approach to data sharing that NIC-place is bringing to the market. It gives us the best of both worlds – data sharing and control."

Rainer Linke, Managing Director at Unterer Logistics

"NIC-place will help us to handle the complexity of everyday logistics even better. Only ONE central tool will ensure that our multiple data sources are consolidated and at the same time we are able to meet the increasing requirements of our partners and customers regarding digital transparency."

Christian Fürstaller, Managing Director at Augustin Quehenberger Group

Unique features for full control

The DCC enables you to run your business in the fragmented and increasingly digitalized logistics industry. It provides all the tools you need for sharing, exchanging and controlling the data flow within your own supply chain.

1. Register

The link in the invitation e-mail takes you directly to the registration process, which is completed in just a few minutes. Your portal is available immediately after registration.

2. Activate assets

Activate and administer your fleet to enable data processing - online and 100% autonomous.

3. Connect with partners and customers

Use our simple onboarding tool to connect your carrier network and create the perfect foundation for data sharing - 100% GDPR compliant.

4. Share asset data

Share data with service providers, customers and partners - permanently or for the duration of the respective transport.
You always remain in control.

5. Share with other systems

The sharing and forwarding of data between NIC-place and any 3rd party systems or platforms is possible in various formats - permanently or limited for the duration of a transport.

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