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Pete JendrasFounder and Managing Director,

Why is NIC-Place also interesting for classic logistics applications, even though the platform is aimed in particular at refrigerated logistics companies?

Mastering challenges in logistics daily routine

The increasing digitalisation of the logistics industry is bringing many new digital solutions to the market and, in addition to the numerous advantages, often also complications. Are you also asking yourself the following questions?

“My clients demand data exchange not only from me, but also from my service providers when they take over transports. How many interfaces do I need to do justice to everything and still maintain an overview? Where is all my data stored?”

“For transport processes, I need more than just position data; various systems are involved with which I have to exchange data. In addition, there are still different modes of transport. How do I get that together easily?”

These challenges are not only faced by our refrigerated logistics customers, but by the entire fragmented logistics industry. Especially when considering the many real-time visibility platforms on the market that offer a “supposed” all-purpose solution, it is important to consider important factors and issues:

  1. Logistics companies want to see their entire fleet and do justice to all their clients. To do this, numerous telematics systems and interfaces must be integrated and brought under one roof within the company. If there is also the need to map the processes to the full extent with subcontractors or even the spot market and at the same time follow the requirements of the DS-GVO, this very often becomes very complicated and presents a company or IT with major tasks.
  2. Shippers want to receive transport information – not only the time of arrival – as a service in the form of concrete status messages which presents their service providers with immense challenges. In addition, there may be the situation of having to combine diverse information from different service providers (different modes of transport).

The simple – but uncertain – solution would be to use various telematics portals and to register the fleet and partner network with dozens of platforms in order to obtain data or make it available to clients.

However, this approach is associated with an enormous administrative effort and possibly high costs for the implementation of new interfaces. In addition, all of this goes hand in hand with risks with regard to the protection of the company’s own data.

That’s why NIC-Place has taken on the task of solving these challenges for you as a clearing station with a single platform. NIC-Place is the “place to be” when it comes to controlling, monitoring and making transparent all your vehicles and all your logistical transport processes. We take care of the complex linking of numerous data sources and heterogeneous fleets for you!

Graphic 1: Central NIC-Place solution for secure data and partner management

The fact is: There is no standard solution per platform that fits everyone for individual, sometimes complex transport processes. For this reason, we would like to discuss your requirements individually with you and prove to you that NIC-Place is also a suitable solution for you. Beyond refrigerated logistics, because the highest quality standards should also be true for every logistics provider.




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