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Kevin KrükisHead of Customer Relations & Sales

Why should every logistics provider take the opportunity to present their company and services in NIC-Place?

Ensuring sustainable business success – digitalisation as a game changer


In the course of digitalisation in logistics, it is essential for companies – especially due to the high level of competition – to present their business models attractively in the market. Nowadays, the rule applies: Those who do not provide data for the other involved stakeholders in the supply chain process are sorted out by the market. Only companies that play along and show themselves and their services will be found and used in the market and profit from it.

However, as you have already learned from our previous blogs, the digitisation of the logistics industry often brings with it certain challenges. The main problem for carriers is still the risk of uncontrolled distribution of their own
logistics data on numerous real-time visibility platforms.

Therefore, the question a logistics professional needs to ask is, “Who can see my business/service, how can I share my data, and in the process, who all has access to my data and what happens to it?”

NIC-Place has therefore dedicated itself to the task of promoting the digitisation of secure logistics ecosystems, thereby primarily increasing the success of our customers rather than driving competition from numerous real-time visibility platforms. Even if a logistics provider already uses fixed contractors and achieves a high utilisation rate, there are
unbeatable advantages why an entrepreneur should present his service within the NIC-Place network.


With NIC-Place you benefit from the following advantages:

  1. The place to be for the logistics industry
    NIC-Place already connects the largest cluster of companies with premium requirements. Nowhere else are you able to reach precisely those companies that are relevant to you in such a targeted way.

Graphic 1: Your place to be for the logistics industry


  1. Easy search & secure tools to connect new cooperation partners
    Our features make it easier for you to cooperate with logistics providers already operating on NIC-Place with the same quality standards in a data protection-compliant manner.


  1. The secure exchange of order & live data
    Allows you to easily and securely connect to other market participants and RTV platforms and share data with them in a secure way and only during the duration of the actual transport.


  1. Organized approach to serve shipper requirements
    The entire solution is designed to be carrier-oriented, but at the same time has all the functionalities to provide data to shippers, clients and customers as they would expect (ETA, live tracking, etc).


  1. The acceleration of operational business processes
    A closed network in the logistics ecosystem simplifies demand-driven search & connect activities, as each member is “ready to share”, thus enabling data exchange quickly, which leads to increased efficiency in the company.


How can this be implemented in practice?

Through the NIC-Place Data Control Center (DCC), we offer the possibility to cooperate with other companies operating on NIC-Place. Every logistics company activated on NIC-Place has the opportunity to add its service offerings to the company profile. If desired, this service offer can be shared with other NIC-Place partners/customers.

Once the logistics company has published its service offering, the “Networking” search function can be used to find a suitable partner. For example, it is possible to search for a partner in a region or for a specific trailer equipment.

Once the right partner has been selected, it can be contacted directly via the NIC-Place platform. Data exchange is also organised simply and securely. The partners network with each other and can then exchange data directly. The partner can decide which sensor data should be transmitted to the requestor at which time.

Presenting your company is an absolute added value. Because you can find suitable service providers or be found, be it for operational logistics or in case of emergency situations. And best of all: The functions are available to NIC-Place customers free of charge!

Graphic 2: Cooperation with other companies on NIC-Place


For 12 years, NIC-Place has been providing software solutions for the transport and logistics industry that are holistically tailored to the transparency requirements of temperature-controlled transport. Meanwhile, the platform connects the largest cluster in Europe of refrigerated logistics providers and companies with the highest quality standards to cooperate digitally and exchange data in maximum depth.


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