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7 habits to stay digitally safe… if that is possible

 It is important to reconsider own data sharing topics before visibility platforms are used in an uncontrolled manner.

While changing the logistics world more digital, a shift in absolutely needed tools for daily business arises. Especially for carrier and LSPs it becomes important to protect their network and to stay ready for data sharing at the same time. The following topics and questions should be kept in mind to successfully introduce logistics digitalisation and supply chain visibility:

  1. Supply chain visibility in a modern logistics world requires suitable tools for data handling. Do I have the tools to securely exchange logistics information with my customers and partners?
  2. Disclosing information about carrier networks, by connecting to cloud-based visibility platforms, has become the most common way to share data. Is connecting to visibility platforms really the best way to share data with my customers?
  3. Currently, there are various systems and platforms providing visibility with different business models on the market. Which is the right and secure tool for data handling in the future for my business?
  4. In a data driven economy, you need to consider where your business-critical data may end and how it is being used. Why does data sharing have to be controlled by the platforms and not by the parties with commercial interest in the information?
  5. Make sure you are the one driving using the data, not the one being data driven. Supply chain resilience? At what costs and risk?
  6. Considering the business model behind a platform helps to understand the risks associated with data sharing. Who has access to information about my supply chain?
  7. A reliable and efficient partner network is key. Protect valuable knowledge about it to be sustainable in the long term. How important is my carrier network for the success of my business?


“To ensure more visibility for all participants of the supply chain, new tools have to be established, which are able to handle data from various sources as well as to provide secure data sharing with other visibility platforms. It is important to trust on neutral and secure solutions like ours to improve handling of own data”, summarizes Pete Jendras, Managing Director at NIC-Place.


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