You would like to know at all times exactly where your shipment is and when it will arrive? 

Your transports are fulfilled by carriers and you have no access to the telematics data of these assets? 

You would like to have automated and easy access to shipment and transport information without the hassles and manual effort? 


Then NIC-place is exactly what you need!

NIC-place – your visibility tracking platform for your transports

In addition to the pure asset-related analysis of telematics data, NIC-place also offers the intelligent combination of planning data. Knowing the loading and unloading location as well as optional stopovers, routes to be followed, cargo and scheduled departure and arrival times will allow for precise tracking and monitoring of the transport asset.


You would like to have easy access to transport information
without the hassles and manual effort? 

No problem, NIC-place creates transparency on all sides and integrates foreign equipment at any time. Doing that, the platform closes the information gap for shippers, 3PLs, 4PLs and manufacturers and provides 100 percent visibility of cargo transported by subcontractors. Thereby NIC-place provides you with precise and predictable shipment tracking information - in real time combined with an ETA calculation!

The Tourboard displays planned, running and finished transports, so called tours, and guarantees a simple exchange of information and collected telematics data between all involved parties during the actual shipment – all fully automated.


Visualization in your NIC-place Dashboard

The core of the application is the “Tourboard”. Here, users can visualize the transmitted shipment information from the TMS and store these manually within the Tourboard. Depending on the user’s preference and settings, NIC-place automatically monitors GPS, cargo security and quality as well as the ETA. Any deviations are displayed within the NIClet as well as escalated via messaging services to desired recipients.

Data Visibility

The easy data access for you 

Finally, the "Data Visibility" functionality as part of the Tourboard provides the desired transparency for all players. By using a simple and GDPR-compliant data sharing process, the subcontractor or owner of the asset can provide data for a customer (Data Sharing). Additionally, you can also request the data to be released from your subcontractor via the Tourboard (Data Request).

Your advantages at a glance

Know more, plan better and work more productively overall

Integration of subcontractors at any time 

More transparency due to telematics data 

Automated information transfer with other planning systems via webservice possible 

Automated transport monitoring with escalation of deviations, alarms and ETA

Reduction of status calls to subcontractors (fewer phone calls + emails)