NIC-place is live!

Our open logistics platform offers the right solution for all players in the logistics and commercial vehicle industry. We are glad to assist you with any questions about functionality or pricing. 


Your digital place to be for logistics.

NIC-place provides you with the perfect place
to maximize your telematics potential.

Independent. Scalable. Simple.

Added value for the transport and logistics sector

NIC-place organizes your telematics data chaos and additionally provides you with a digital marketplace for innovations along the entire logistics process – from software solutions to after sales services and also hardware solutions. Test your compatibility against the list of supported systems on our platform.

— Technical basis —
Collect. Bundle. Standardize.

NIC stands for Neutral Information Compiler. The independent and established open telematics platform since many years is the technical basis of NIC-place. This platform collects, bundles and standardizes data from the various telematics systems in real time. Instead of accessing numerous platforms for analysis purposes, the data integration provides you with a unified user interface for your daily work.

— Digital marketplace —
Customize. Specialize. Benefit.

Via the digital NIC-place marketplace, users can access intelligent software solutions, useful services and various enabler products 24/7, improving your control along the entire supply chain. The offering is growing constantly, continuously connecting suppliers and users as well as problem situations and solutions in a simple and efficient manner. And the best of all: the system works completely independent of the hardware installed on the asset. If the brand of your telematics system is connected to NIC-place, you can use the digital marketplace in full force.

Your advantages with NIC-place

Standardization of telematics data

Your entire data from the various telematics solutions in operation can be collected via one interface and optionally be forwarded in a clean version to third party systems.

Independent of producers and brands

Regardless of which telematics system you have in your fleet, NIC-place is compatible with standard providers (over 100 interfaces in place).

Scalable for all fleet sizes

The system is flexible and can be adapted to the number and type of assets in your fleet (simple administration).

Only pay what you actually use

Complete transparency of costs: With the help of our pay-by-use concept, you only are billed for what you actually use.

Individually configurable according to your needs

You don’t get a finished product which we assume is right for you. You create the product which you know is what you need.

24/7 support

Technical problems are resolved around the clock, thereby avoiding unnecessary downtime.

Functions in NIC-place
Maximize your full telematics potential

Quick overview of the status of your fleet

We provide you with an overview of your active fleet including all information from your telematics systems – beginning with general asset information and reaching into specific sensor value data from individual components on your vehicle.

Fleet analysis made simple

Historical temperature graphics, efficiency reports or complete trip documentation – with the help of our analysis functionality, you receive critical information at the click of the mouse helping you coordinate your fleet and trip planning better.

Efficient and effective escalation management

Monitor your trips based on your own predefined criteria and receive proactive warning information and recommendations for necessary actions. This allows you to be proactive until waiting till it is too late.

The digital marketplace for logisitics

The number of software modules, aftersales services and products being offered that create actual added-value for your daily business is growing nearly daily.


The booked NIClets from the marketplace can be individually activated in the NIC-place dashboard.

Intuitive overview

The offerings are categorized in the main menus driver, truck, trailer, rail and starter-kit.

Simple billing process

The booked NIClets are payed for online electronically and without any long-term binding clauses – real “pay-by-use”.

Individual administration

Allocate booked NIClets specifically for targeted user groups or distribute the admin rights accordingly.

Compatibility check

Click here for an easy test to see whether your telematics system is compatible to NIC-place.

As we are continuously extending the list of integrated systems, please submit your telematics provider here. We will contact you as soon as we have concluded the integration.
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