Efficient management through simple handling


Access your telematics data anytime anywhere and take advantage of the vast possibilities in the NIC-place application.


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News and information regarding NIC-place, partner offerings and new developments in the logistics market.

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Visualize your telematics systems and  activate your analysis tools to create your personalized user interface for your daily work.

3 Marketplace
Enter into the world of services and tools to link with your telematics data and automate your business processes in one screen.

Reduce to the max

You can create your own views within the dashboard framework.


Subsegments of the dashboard in individual areas, i.e. based on topic or job.


NIClets can be moved and repositioned easily.


The size of the NIClets can be changed.

Add NIClets

Newly booked NIClets can be added to individual workspaces.


Stay up to date with information about NIC-place, new functions and partners and the telematics industry.

Presentation of custom offers and actions based on user behavior.

Presentation of new partners and their NIClets.

Helpful tips & tricks.

Latest news from the logistics and commercial vehicle industry.


Maintain full control of your fleet
– no matter where you are!

Control your fleet regardless of location.

For all mobile devices.

Presentation of the NIClets especially
tailored for small final formats.

Nutzen Sie das volle Potenzial Ihrer Telematik

Die zahlreichen Funktionen von NIC-place machen es möglich.

The starting point for your new telematics experience


The BASIC package or COOL package is the beginning of all further functionality. They include, among other things, the three most necessary components for telematics – fleet overview, mapping and details. Choose a package according to your needs!

BASIC package

The package for an easy start

Live data display (independent of telematics service provider). 

Overview of historical data (12 months).

Map view with Open-Street-Map.

Administration of users, roles, assets, alerts and POI. 

Data forwarding via Push API. 

geografische Übersicht

COOL package

The package for your cooling assets.

Live data display (independent of telematics service provider). 

Overview of historical data (18 months).

Map view with Open-Street-Map or Google Maps.

Temperature data display.

Administration of users, roles, assets, alerts and POI. 

Data forwarding via Push API. 

Additional features – your personalized application


Besides using the basic features, the application can be customized with additional features on a need to have basis, thereby profiting from all innovative offerings along the supplychain in NIC-place.


Pre-planned trips

All preplanned trips are integrated in NIC-place via the 3rd party interface from the leading system (i.e. TMS) and allow the user to then apply all relevant alarm criteria to the trip in order to monitor everything in one single application.

Live trip overview

The Geofence-Alarming NIClet  highlights all unexpected disturbances and presents these delays in a clear visualization for your complete control.

Chat feature

Need to contact the drivers for detailed information on the reason for a delay? Simply use the integrated driver chat feature.

Fuel monitor

This NIClet monitors the fuel operations in your fleet. By comparing the billed volume of fuel with the live FMS or trailer tank data - any manipulation can be detected live.

Unexpected vehicle inspection

In case of the need to open the secured doors of your trailer, you can simply use the 2-way-communication feature to directly access the locking system from your office.

Rising temperatures

Due to a reefer malfunction, the temperature deviation from the set point reaches a critical level which needs to be documented. The certified forms of a NIC-place partner provide you with everything you need to avoid any hassle.


In case of an unexpected issue, your breakdown data is automatically forwarded to the nearest responsible service station. A mobile unit will contact you in order to fix the problem as quickly as possible. If you booked the respective insurance for this scenario, the whole effort will be free of charge.


The ETA calculator processes all relevant data to give you live delay information. Based on this news, the receiving party can be contacted ahead of any problems.

Automatic report

After reaching the unloading area, a summary of the trip is automatically created and sent to a predefined recipient via email for information and documentation purposes and in order to accelerate the billing process.

Monitoring service

On weekends or for any other special reason, you can rely on the 24/7 trip monitoring service of one of our partners. The data of your asset will then be automatically forwarded to the monitoring partner during your booked time space.

— Marketplace —
Profit from the first marketplace for transport and logistics.

The marketplace is a logical extension of the existing telematics features. The innovative solutions and attractive offerings go far beyond standard telematics applications and create real added value for the user. NIClets can be booked exactly according to your need and they can be used for the duration without any long-term binding.

A NIClet is chosen from the NIC-place marketplace and payed for online.

Via drag + drop, the NIClet is activated in the NIC-place dashboard.

Now the booked NIClet can be used for your entire fleet.

Clearly structured and informative – the NIClets in the marketplace.

Similar to an App store, all relevant detailed information is listed for each service and product. It can’t be easier to book necessary services and have a summary account overview from a central billing system.

Independent of the telematics system in use

Independent of which telematics system you have in your fleet, the NIC-place marketplace is available for your use. The only prerequisite: the interface to your telematics provider is integrated and the telematics data is being sent to the NIC-place database.

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NIC API – secure and flexible data access

Standard receiving service (SRS)(Standard Receiving Service)


All information from the telematics providers is received via this interface


  • Handling of thousands of assets (per SRS)
  • All necessary requirements for temperature controlled transports are covered
  • Clear and simple structure for easy integration (new interfaces)
  • Secured data transmission
  • Perfect for various scenarios, i.e. street & rail applications

Outbound NIC Push interface


This interface is used for data forwarding to third party systems.


  • Use our push technology for data forwarding
  • Clear and simple structure for easy integration of new interfaces
  • Live and without delay
  • All necessary requirements for temperature controlled transports are covered
  • Perfect for various scenarios, i.e. road & rail applications