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Optimized features, especially for the rail industry

We are rail logistics experts and know the requirements for digitization of rail logistics. Our solutions optimize all your operations from the simple evaluation of telematics data of (rented) wagons to automated processes and precise arrival times.

Standard use

Integration, visualization and forwarding of telematics data of all wagons of your fleet for optimal control – independent of hardware provider and rental company.

Focus on a train

We simplify your monitoring and increase the data quality by an automatic, temporary coupling of several wagons to a train composition based on planning data and waybill information.

Maintain master data

Evaluate your fleet according to various criteria or facilitate your internal audits by simple import via RSRDinterface or manual maintenance of wagon master data.

Logistics processes in view

Offering you an advanced monitoring and KPI analyses of your wagons, train compositions, POI and transports for effective use, smooth processes and better planning. 

Precise arrival times and secure data sharing

NIC-place enhances your planning reliability by calculating estimated time of arrival (ETA) – more precisely by determining schedule deviations – based on network infrastructure information combined with telematics data. Secure data sharing processes between rail transport operators (RUs), ECMs, logistics companies, producers or shippers allow access to relevant data and guarantee you and all parties involved a simple transfer of information for maximum transport transparency.

A unique tool for rental companies

Are you renting assets or do you use rental wagons? Our "Rentals" tool is unique on the market. It offers rental companies an interface to manage their own fleet and to activate wagons specifically to their customers. Additionally, contract and billing information can be stored and rentals can be easily terminated at any time. The tool can also be accessed automatically via an interface to any leading ERP system.

During the rental period, the rental party has access to telematics data of the rented wagons and can upgrade the functionality package as required.

By the way "Rentals" is also available for rental companies of road assets.

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