You have various telematics systems in your fleet and would like to see all the information collected in real time?

You would like to monitor your transports and increase the overall efficiency and effectiveness of your fleet? 

You are looking for a user-friendly platform?

Then NIC-place is exactly what you need!

– your hardware and manufacturer independent telematics platform

NIC-place collects, bundles and standardizes all the information from your telematics and tracking systems to one unified data stream in real time. The maximum available data depth is always taken into account - whether on road or rail, at sea or in the air.

These include the position (GPS), technical data from the brake system (EBS), the axles (load weight), the tires (pressure, temperatures) as well as reefer data (temperatures, setpoints, operating modes, alarms), driver related information, fuel status and driving hours (ELD). 

Instead of accessing different platforms, the data integration allows you to work with a single platform. And of course, the adapted data from more than 150 telematics providers can be forwarded to your 3rd party systems via one single interface. 

Efficient management through simple handling

On the basis of the adapted telematics data and many more data sets, you can track and monitor your fleet live, set a variety of alerts and create accurate evaluations to reduce overall costs and improve the reliability of your fleet. 

Status of your fleet at a glance

NIC-place provides you with an overview of your active fleet including all information from your telematics systems – from general asset information to specific sensor value data from individual components on your vehicle.

Fleet analysis made simple

Historical temperature graphics, efficiency reports or complete trip documentation – with the help of our analysis functionality, you receive critical information at the click of the mouse helping you coordinate your fleet and trip planning better.

Extended fleet monitoring

Monitor your trips or fleet based on your own predefined criteria and receive proactive warning information and recommendations for necessary actions. This allows you to be proactive until waiting till it is too late.

Nutzen Sie das volle Potenzial Ihrer Telematik

Die zahlreichen Funktionen von NIC-place machen es möglich.

Add more functionality - the Marketplace of NIC-place offers you much more!

For example the efficient NIC-place Tourboard, which offers real added value for your transport handling and your portfolio!


Integration of subcontractor – Get access to real-time information from your subcontractor assets - of course GDPR compliant!


Linking with 3rd party systems – Simplify and automate the transfer of information betwwen your company systems.


Process optimization – Automated live monitoring of your transports and escalation of deviations, alarms and ETA calculations for more safety and better quality


Data sharing for shipper – Offer your customers more transparency in real-time for their shipments. You retain full asset and data control. 

Want to know more about what NIC-place can bring to your business?