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Your place to be for digital logistics.

The "place to be",
where the transport industry meets

NIC-place connects the largest cluster in Europe of refrigerated logistics providers and companies with the highest quality standards to cooperate digitally and exchange data in maximum depth. For this, our customers rely on
our premium services:

  • Specialized focus on temperatures and sensor data in visualization, monitoring and documentation of fleets & transports

  • Demand-oriented search & networking of companies with the same quality requirements

  • Secure exchange of all relevant information and data within own partner network

  • Controlled data forwarding to RTV platforms to serve shippers and other transport participants

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The No. 1
platform for  
refrigerated logistics

NIC-place creates maximum real-time visibility for all parties involved in sensitive transports. We are specialists for temperature-controlled and high-security transports - including ETA calculation and individual alarm management.

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The safest way for
real-time visibility

The Data Control Center provides a completely new approach and standard for secure data exchange in the market.

You can share (transport) data and be part of the connected logistics ecosystem while maintaining control over your closed partner network.