Numbers that are convincing



2.4 Mio.

Tons of cargo 



With the use of our logistics platform, approximately 1.650 customers, or 5.000 users are managing 110.000 assets. Every day, more than 2.4 Million tons of cargo are being monitored and carried out by NIC-place. This equals the handling of more than 3.300.000.000 data sets with up to 500 imports/second.




Data centre



How is this possible? Over 50 employees in our 3 separate locations in Kempten, Hamburg and Chicago are continuously working on expanding and improving the application for you. The dedicated servers are hosted in closed environments in Munich and Frankfurt, offering 100% data security and scalability. And we are a long way from being finished!

A success story

Numerous companies in the logistics and commercial vehicle industry are relying on the IT know-how coming from Germany. The roots of NIC-place go back to the beginning of kasasi in 2009. Since then, the open logistics platform NIC-place has been continuously developed and optimized. This product has been relaunched in 2018 as an independent brand, in a completely new look, new functionality and new features paving the way for any future requirements. NIC-place is “Your digital place to be for logistics” and solves all open problems of the players in the transport and logistics industry - for both carriers and shippers in one application.